Interested in Getting More out of BitTorrent Classic? Check Out our New Tip of the Day!

BitTorrent/µTorrent Classic is the original torrent client for bulk downloading and comes with an abundance of features, including scheduled downloads, configurable display options and UI settings, auto shutdown, file organizing tools, ability to connect remotely, bandwidth optimization, and much more. With so many features, including BitTorrent Speed and BTT Token that help drive faster download…


BitTorrent Web Downloads Get a Speed Boost with Tokenized Incentives

While there are several variables that impact download speed, such as the strength of your network connection or the number of seeds, tokenization of the BitTorrent protocol is a way our team is aiming to help you drive even faster torrent download speeds.    Last year, we announced the successful integration of blockchain and a token,…


Mandatory Apple Update Coming January 24th for BitTorrent Web for Mac Users

Back in August, we announced that we needed to automatically update BitTorrent Classic for Mac users to BitTorrent Web for Mac. This was necessary to ensure that our free torrent software continued to work seamlessly with Mac OS Catalina v10.15 and above. On January 24th, a new update will be required for BitTorrent Web for…


A Special Note to Our Mac Users. A New Version of BitTorrent is Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce a new version of BitTorrent for Mac, coming in early September. Available for MacOS Catalina, BitTorrent Web for Mac is designed to create an easier, more simplified torrent experience. Translated in over a dozen languages, the new version will help you download and play both torrent files and magnet links,…


In or Around San Francisco? We’d Like You to Join Our Beta Tester Program

We are looking for users in the San Francisco Bay Area to help us beta test new products and features. If you’ve ever wanted to get a sneak peek at what our team is working on and help improve our products, this is your chance. Our beta program allows our users to make their voices…


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