A Special Note to Our Mac Users. A New Version of BitTorrent is Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce a new version of BitTorrent for Mac, coming in early September. Available for MacOS Catalina, BitTorrent Web for Mac is designed to create an easier, more simplified torrent experience. Translated in over a dozen languages, the new version will help you download and play both torrent files and magnet links, all within your browser window. You’ll be able to download any file type to store locally in the folder of your choice, set download and upload speed limits to free up network resources for other internet tasks, and play torrent files while they download without needing to search folders or look for other media player apps.

Plans to integrate BitTorrent Speed, the highly anticipated feature just introduced for BitTorrent Classic for Windows, is also in the works. The feature will reward users with BitTorrent (BTT) token in exchange for seeding and bandwidth, enabling faster downloads, and will be launched at a later date.

The current version of BitTorrent for Mac, which supports MacOS Mojave 10.14 and below, will continue to be available for those using older operating systems. To the Mac users who have expressed interest in a new version for MacOS Catalina, rest assured that it’s coming soon. We thank our community for making BitTorrent the most popular torrent client for Mac and we look forward to the launch announcement!

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