Mandatory Apple Update Coming January 24th for BitTorrent Web for Mac Users

Back in August, we announced that we needed to automatically update BitTorrent Classic for Mac users to BitTorrent Web for Mac. This was necessary to ensure that our free torrent software continued to work seamlessly with Mac OS Catalina v10.15 and above.

On January 24th, a new update will be required for BitTorrent Web for Mac users running Mac OS Catalina. The update is to ensure that our Web products are in line with Apple’s software requirements.   

Note that the changes we made in the new version are performance related, so there are no new features or visible changes to the Mac torrent client you know and enjoy today.  

In the meantime, our team is hard at work to integrate our recently announced feature, BitTorrent Speed, into our web products. The feature will extend the traditional experience of BitTorrent Web for Mac by helping drive faster download speeds and providing BTT token rewards.

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