BitTorrent Mobile Crosses 100MM Installs, Introduces 3.0

To celebrate the 100 millionth installation of the BitTorrent and uTorrent mobile apps, we’re delighted to unveil a watershed release for BitTorrent for Android– version 3.0.

You’ve been asking for easy access to your music and videos, and we’ve been working hard to make this happen, culminating in version 3.0.

This past fall, we added integrated music and video players, and music and video libraries to help you find and play the media you have on your phone from one place.


BitTorrent Mobile 3.0 Features Integrated Music and Video Library

The v3 update gets you an expanded, and beautifully styled music player with a play queue to help you see and manage what’s up next. It’s both attractive- leveraging UI finishes like cover art– and easily accessible; just swipe left.

We didn’t stop there. V3’s biggest improvement is in its torrent core. We’ve updated to the latest 3.4 version to get you download performance improvements, improved stability, and faster handling of magnet link data. The result is a smoother, faster, more beautiful way to use BitTorrent on mobile devices.

Media Library

Finally, we’ve added a gift to you for installing the apps 100 million times. There’s a surprise hidden inside- but you’ll have to find it 😉

Download BitTorrent for Android, and experience mobile media powered by people.

We humbly thank you for your support.

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