De La Soul X BitTorrent Bundle: Smell the DA.I.S.Y.

The hip hop crew’s new mixtape debuts today on BitTorrent Bundle.

In 1989, a little known group from New York released an album that would change the course of hip hop. De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising sounded like nothing else: spoken word, skit, and psychedelia; sampled exhaustively, sampled from life. 25 years in, it sounds all the more remarkable. It sounds like the Internet.

De La Soul’s art, predicated on sampling and redefining ordinary recorded objects, is a template for 2.0 content: the creative core of remix culture. And it still reverberates. In February, the group made their entire catalog — over seven albums — available for download. We’re collaborating with De La Soul to preserve their music’s legacy; to build the scalable, sustainable, media formats that will ensure its future.

“This project means a lot to De La Soul. It’s really important for us to uphold the legacy of J Dilla. He meant so much to the group.”

Brandon Hixon, Marketing Manager, De La Soul

Starting today, the group’s new mixtape, Smell the DA.I.S.Y., will be accessible to fans everywhere as a BitTorrent Bundle. The new record consists of classic De La Soul lyrics over vintage J Dilla production. In honor of Jay Dee, it’s free for all. Just kick in your email.

Download the BitTorrent Bundle for the 11-track mixtape, the J Dilla documentary, an audio letter, and wallpapers. And Smell Da Inner Soul of Yancy. Check out the J Dilla Foundation to learn more about Jay Dee, and his organization’s commitment to funding music programs in inner-city schools.

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De La Soul: Smell the DA.I.S.Y.

1. Let The King Ascend [Audio]
2. Who, featuring Redman [Audio]
3. Dilla Plugged In [Audio]
4. Goes The Word [Audio]
5. Vocabulary Spills [Audio]
6. The Pitch [Audio]
7. Taking The Train [Audio]
8. Leave Your Cares Behind [Audio]
9. O’Shut Up [Audio]
10. No More No Less [Audio]
11. Marvin Jaye [Audio]
12. Smell The DA.I.S.Y. Letter [Audio]
13. J Dilla Documentary “Still Shinning” [Video]
14. J Dilla Wallpaper [Art]

Get the BitTorrent Bundle

More from De La Soul here. With thanks to Ms. Yancy (Ma Dukes), Young RJ, and Jonathan Taylor of Yancy Media Group.


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