Control D Accepts BTT. Take Back Control of your Browsing and Improve your Privacy.

Control D now accepts BitTorrent Token (BTT) as a payment method for its easy to use, completely customizable DNS service. Developed by our friends at Windscribe VPN, Control D is a standalone service that does almost everything a VPN can, and many things a VPN cannot. With no install required, Control D blocks ads and tracking, and changes users’ location (IP address). By putting users in control over what content is accessible on devices in their household, Control D increases productivity and security.

“Control D was created by the Windscribe team to simplify access to privacy tools for most people,” said Yegor Sak, CEO of Control D. “As a valuable asset in protecting user privacy and security, we are happy to make Control D available to the BitTorrent community by accepting BTT and TRX along with other leading cryptocurrencies.” 

While being effective at blocking ads and ad tracking, Control D can also help productivity by blocking access to websites or services during specific times of the day. It can also protect the household from harmful content by restricting access to certain categories of sites and services. With the Default Location feature, Control D can change a user’s IP address from the perspective of web sites and apps, making it appear as if they are in a different country. All without any apps to install.

To purchase Control D using BTT, please visit, select a plan, then select Crypto Currencies when you reach the payment section of the checkout process. 

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