Golden Wallet Sweepstakes Winner

Week Four: Nikita Deulin, Eastern Europe

“To be honest, I still can’t believe I won and I probably won’t be able to believe it until I start spending money. Briefly about myself: I work in the field of IT as a technical support engineer. I am engaged in the repair of cash register equipment. In my free time, I repair and tune my favorite car – Subaru Impreza. I also shoot a video on car repair and maintenance.

I have been fond of cryptocurrencies since 2007. I periodically check what airdrops exist and try to participate everywhere. I have probably already participated in 30-40 different raffles – but I’ve never had any luck. I plan to spend the BTT winnings on helping my family and friends, renovating the house, and if something remains, I will spend it on tuning my favorite car.”

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