Golden Wallet Sweepstakes Winner

Week Two: Clark Michael Gaya, Philippines

“I am 34 years of age, I live here in the Philippines. I work as a Fitter Mechanic on various kinds of vessels. I’m now waiting for my next assignment on a passenger yacht in Nice, France. I love to eat, play video games with my kids and my wife and I have 2 dogs I love very much. I am very thankful to God and especially to BitTorrent because I won this sweepstakes without any fees to join.

For now, my plan for the 1 million BTT token is to hold it for sometime, because I am thinking that someday I will get more profit by holding rather than spending it and wasting it on something we don’t need. It was really a shocking evening when I read the email that I won the sweepstakes. I really didn’t imagine that I would win, even in my wildest dreams, because I never have any luck in any raffle or lottery.

I pray to God that BitTorrent will have a lot of blessings to come, and to all the staff that made this thing happen – cheers and more power to the BitTorrent family!”

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