Golden Wallet Sweepstakes Winner

Week One: Eray Özgen, Turkey

“I am so happy to get this award. BitTorrent & uTorrent was always a part of me. The first time I discovered uTorrent & BitTorrent was in 2007. (I am still using the first setup package, seriously!) 🙂 I used that program for improving myself by searching for tutorials. My brother and I own a boutique film production company, which produces music clips and commercial shoots. BitTorrent and uTorrent helped make this happen for me – improving myself and having my own company.

Meanwhile, I have been living up in Republic of Turkey. I am a fitness junky and love to learn something new. I think I will invest some of my award to TRON Foundation projects (Tokens & Coins). And with the rest of the award I will definitely buy new camera gear. In addition, I would like to thank every single employee (head to tail) from the BitTorrent organization who worked to make this event happen.”

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