BitTorrent Web Downloads Get a Speed Boost with Tokenized Incentives

While there are several variables that impact download speed, such as the strength of your network connection or the number of seeds, tokenization of the BitTorrent protocol is a way our team is aiming to help you drive even faster torrent download speeds.   

Last year, we announced the successful integration of blockchain and a token, BitTorrent (BTT), into our popular desktop torrent client, µTorrent Classic. The feature, namely BitTorrent Speed, automatically bids BitTorrent (BTT) tokens to other users for faster speeds. 

Today we are pleased to announce the full release of BitTorrent Speed into BitTorrent Web for Windows and Mac, making the feature available to millions of additional users. The popular web torrent client allows for a more simplified torrent download experience while simultaneously playing torrent files.  

As the BitTorrent Speed feature is adopted by more users downloading or upgrading to new versions of our desktop and web-based torrent clients, you may experience faster download speeds. If you continue to share files after your downloads finish (known as seeding) you can also earn BTT. The integrated wallet allows for secure storage of these tokens which may be sent to other wallets or exchanges. To learn more, please click here.

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